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Product Introduction
BHL630 omnidirectional automatic floodlight working lamp
Product description:
The omnidirectional lifting working lamp is suitable for the needs of large scale construction, such as railway, electric power, public security, fire control, petroleum, petrochemical, and other larg...
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Product parameters:
This generator uses famous brand generator, four 500W energy-efficient PHILPS brand lamp cap, according to the needs of each lamp alone and so on large rotation angle adjustment 360 degrees full range of lighting; lamp in lamp disc can also be distributed to four different directions such as lighting, four lamp to the same direction of lighting, lamp can be integrated to the opening direction within 250 DEG to the cylinder axis and turn to the left and right rotated by 360 DEG according to the required illumination and orientation; the overall lighting both near and far, high lighting brightness, wide range.
I choose 3 telescopic cylinder as the lifting adjusting mode, the maximum lifting height of 4.5 meters; upper and lower rotating holder capable of adjusting the irradiation angle of light beam, the covering radius of up to 45-65 meters.
You can directly use the generator power supply, also can be connected to 220V power long time lighting; the generator power full filluing fuel continuous working time is 13 hour.
* through the wireless remote control can control the opening and closing of the lifting rod and each lamp in the range of 50 meters, lifting the use of electric or manual pump can quickly control the telescopic rod of the gas.
By the lamp, the cylinder and the generation unit is an integral structure, the generator base is loaded with a universal wheel, can also be combined with the rail wheel, can be in the bumpy road and railroad.
* the whole uses the high quality imported metal material, compact structure, stable performance, to ensure the normal work in a variety of environments and climate conditions, rain, water, wind and grade 8.
It is to meet the needs of individual users, such as the standard configuration of this product can meet user needs, we can in the lamp quantity, power, light or light, the telescopic cylinder lifting height and generators equipped with adjusted according to user requirements.