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Product Introduction
BHL612 solid micro miniature explosion-proof flashlight
Product description:
This product is suitable for fire fighting, military, petrochemical, oil field, mine, electric power, public security and other inflammable and explosive places and other work site to provide mobile l...
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Product parameters:
This explosion-proof grade products meet GB3836.1-2010 national standard, GB3836.2-2010, 1, can be set in various inflammable and explosive IIC T1-T6 stable work area 2 places and under harsh environmental conditions.
The single-chip design of the internal circuit. The lamp has a charge, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection function.
This shell is made of high quality alloy material, light weight, heat dissipation performance and strong shock resistance, the surface depth of anti-skid treatment, lightsome and beautiful.
It can be equipped with convenient mounting bracket is installed in the fire helmet and safety helmet, can be freely adjusted node irradiation direction, the operation is simple and convenient, completely hands free operation, improve work efficiency.
The tail of the red warning lamp. The range of unique design, can be used for signal transmission, range indication and alarm function.
This unique patented technology, advanced technology, excellent performance, good stability.
This high capacity lithium battery, large capacity, long service life, low rate of self discharge, economical and environmental protection.
This light source with high power and high brightness white LED, high light efficiency, long service life of 100 thousand hours can reach 5000 meters.