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Product Introduction
BHL6703 portable explosion-proof searchlight
Product description:
For public security, fire protection, military, oil, metallurgy, railway, electric power, petrochemical and other inflammable and explosive IIC T1-T6 group 1 zone and 2 Zone places and other work site...
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Product parameters:
The flameproof explosion-proof, safe operation in various inflammable and;
The use of solid free maintenance of American Corey LED light source, high luminous efficiency, good light gathering, the average service life of up to 100 thousand hours or more;
The work has three kinds of light, light, strobe light design, press the button can freely switch;
The human power instructions and low voltage warning function design, you can check the battery when the power is low; 10%, the switch will automatically turn red, prompting you to charge;
The high-energy no memory battery, large capacity, no pollution, charge and discharge performance, low self discharge rate, the internal circuit adopts intelligent MCU control, over-current, over-voltage, overcharge protection function.
The shell is made of imported high hardness alloy material, glass transparent, copper lamp with a front cover of flameproof design, anti impact ability of excellent heat dissipation and high performance, products comply with B3836.1-2010, GB3836.2-2010 standard.
The beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, by hand, shoulder and carrying, convenient carrying;
The cool white, warm white two different color temperature of the light source, the user can choose according to actual needs.